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Empowering Journeys, Embracing Realities

Step into the Trish Wright Global Online Store, where our merchandise is a reflection of life's rich tapestry – the growth, the struggles, and the triumphs. Each item is thoughtfully selected to resonate with those who walk the path of self-discovery, acknowledging that this journey encompasses both light and shadow.

Framed Poster

"I Owe It"

Ideal for spaces where reflection and contemplation take place, such as your study, living room, or personal sanctuary, this framed poster is more than a piece of art; it's a daily tribute to your journey of growth, self-discovery, and the continuous process of becoming.

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Empowerment Mug

"Sip of Self-Love"

Start your day with a Sip of Self-Love from our specially designed empowerment mug. Crafted for your moments of reflection or morning routine, this mug features the uplifting mantra, "Sip of Self-Love." It's a reminder to nurture yourself with the same compassion and empathy you offer to the world. Made from durable ceramic, this mug is ideal for your favorite coffee, tea, or warm beverage, providing comfort and inspiration with every sip.

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Mindful Tote Bag

"Carry Kindness"

Our "Carry Kindness" tote bag is a perfect blend of functionality and mindful messaging. This durable tote features the phrase "Carry Kindness" set against a backdrop of subtle, calming colors. It's a practical accessory for your daily errands, book club meetings, or yoga sessions, reminding you and those around you to spread kindness wherever you go. Made with eco-friendly materials, it's not just a bag—it's a statement of your commitment to empathy, kindness, and environmental consciousness.

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